For your convenience, our properties offer complimentary High Speed access to the internet.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1) You may need a ethernet cable (most properties have wireless internet however, a cable may be needed for your laptop because of interference). We do not supply ethernet cables.

2) The internet cable signal may go out from time to time. This is unusual but may occur.

3) VERY IMPORTANT!!. Please do not unplug cables, cords on any device. Do not change settings of any piece of equipment or appliance. If you are having any trouble with the internet you may call our office at (888) 650-0200. Your credit card will be charged for repair or reconnection costs due to changing of connections.

4) REMEMBER!, you are on vacation, enjoy your time in Ruidoso. Please let your group know to be careful with the equipment and appliances supplied for your convenience.

5) You may call Baja Broadband for Tech support at (877)321-6851